Opened in November of 2012, Trouvé features a variety of beautiful home furnishings, jewelry, and clever gifts. "I've been really fortunate to work alongside some great women, who have great taste, and who are also my friends," says Trisha Tomlinson. "I'd like to say that we really make extra efforts to be one of the most welcoming places around, but because everyone here is so genuinely friendly, it just kind of happens naturally."


"We really don't look at this as work. We're having fun, and we think our customers are, too."


Already a resource for unique gift ideas, the women at Trouvé are also quickly becoming a resource for guiding men through the gift-giving process.


"It happens all the time. A guy's looking for a birthday or holiday gift, and he just comes to us with that look… and we tell him it's okay, we'll handle it," explains Trisha. "We have fun with it, and the guys - and usually the women, too - are real appreciative that we took the lead."


Many of Trouvé's customers have taken advantage of the availability of beautiful artwork by local and regional artists. With frequent pieces available by Mary Mellen, Wellen Bridgers, Carol Sneed, Kent Walsh, Katherine Trammell, and others, patrons have the opportunity to acquire some truly unique artwork for their home or a gift.


"And we love being in Mountain Brook. There's a vibe and energy in the villages, and it's fun to be a part of that."


You can find Trisha and the girls at Trouvé on Cahaba Road in English Village.